Benefits of Staying in a Homestay

Moving to a new city Moving to a new destination is both daunting and exciting. On arrival, you’re in unfamiliar surroundings, and it takes time to get used to the place. Stay in a homestay and straight away you’ll have met some local people, in their home, who will quickly help you to feel more comfortable, secure […]

Packing Tips for Your Trip to Canada

SPRING (March, April, May) Canada’s spring typically brings lots of rain mixed in with sunny days. Occasionally the temperature will even be high enough to warrant wearing shorts, but generally speaking, jeans, t-shirts, and sweaters are the ideal spring attire. Of course, you always need to be equipped with rain gear as well. A fleece jacket […]

5 Reasons why iHomestay is the best option for Homestay Accommodation

Here at iHomestay Canada we believe homestays are the perfect solution for international students. allows you to experience first hand other Canadian cultures, to live with fellow Canadian familys and of course improve your language skills. It may well be one of the most enjoyable experiences from your time in Canada. If you’re wondering why […]