Homestay Organization

Are you an agency that already knows what it will do with its students, which school they will go to and you just need a place to host them in Toronto? we can help you!

The students have the experience of living with a multicultural family (Canadian, Italian, Chinese, Latin etc) living together and learning their culture as well as sharing their culture. the family offers breakfast lunch and dinner to students every day of the week.

Activities Organization

We can only organize your activities if you already have a place to arrive, you don’t have to worry and we take care of buying tickets, reservations and tours in Toronto.


We take care of picking them up at the airport and taking each one to their final destination, as well as taking them back to the airport.

We can also help you book transportation to Niagara falls, Vaungh Mills, Wonderland etc.

Homestay + activities + transportation = Complete service

We take care of all your summer camp, the logistics and organization of everything

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