Family Testimony in Vancouver

We are a family from Vanocuver, and how do you know when you are doing something right?
When you take care of a young student who has traveled 8200 kilometers away from his family and friends in the tropical warmth of Brazil only to find himself in the middle of a Canadian winter immersed in a completely new culture, language and school and… HE CAN’T GET THE SMILE OFF HIS FACE!

Family Testimony in Montreal

This is our second time hosting a student and we have had another amazing, rewarding experience. A wonderful program to be involved in, iHomestay are fantastic to communicate with and have made everything very good Our family have made a friend for life!

Family Testimony in Toronto

I would suggest to all sharing the experience of hosting an exchange student. The fun both family and exchange student have is rewarding. Love seeing the smiles on children’s faces as they learn more and more from both cultures. We have had one of our students return for a visit. We look forward to the experience, fun and laughter we are going to have.

Family Testimony in Calgary

We are a family very open minded so, thats why we are hosting international students. Our children learned just a few new spanish words, and we are very excited about that!

After this first experience, our kids were keen to invite other visitors into our home. I have to say that the great support we received from iHomestay Canada over the years helped us in making the decision to host again and again. 

iHomestay for us is very helpfull, For example, knowing that we could call and get an instant accurate translation into spanish meant that we were very relaxed in planning outings even when our visitor didn’t necessarily understand every single English word we used. 

By now, we have hosted exchange students twice a year for the last three years, and hope to continue this wonderful this family tradition for many years.