Been an international student in Toronto is like one of the most diverse, student friendly cities in the world. Meeting fellow students from different parts of the globe will enhance my educational experience and allow me to thrive in an increasingly multi-cultural world.
The first two weeks for me were pretty hard. I felt lonely, I was away from home, from family, from friends, and there wan’t anyone that I really knew in the city. But, as the weeks went on and as school started, I started to get involved in more activities and I really found the things I wanted to do in the city. iHomestay Canada It helped me made me feel welcome and communication with the family was excellent.
I enjoyed my learning experience greatly: The biggest surprise for me was the flexibility of the Host Family. The friendships that I made here are indescribable. Meeting many people with the same goals and ambitions as me made this experience so much more enjoyable. I can only say this experience is definitely one of the greatest experiences I will ever encounter in my life.
iHomestay is fantastic! Studying abroad and live with a family has exposed me to various types of cultures and enabled me to become more independent. Family was very respectful and friendly, which really helped me to improve my English language skills